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Public Open Houses at HLCO

Hard Labor Creek Observatory is open to the public one Saturday per month from March until October.

Tours & observations begin 30 minutes after sunset and run for two hours. In case of inclement weather, the facilities will still be open for a tour and a brief slideshow.

Please do not plan on arriving early, as astronomers will not be available for assistance during the setup time before the event begins.

No reservations are required, but organizers of large groups (of more than 20 people) should confirm visit times with the GSU Department of Physics and Astronomy at 404-413-6024 at least one week prior to the open house.

Directions to the observatory can be found here.

Make sure to check out the weather before you go!

2017 Open House Dates
March 11 - starts at 7:15 pm
April 1 - starts at 8:30 pm
May 6 - starts at 9:00 pm
June 3 - starts at 9:30 pm
July 1 - starts at 9:30 pm
August 26 - starts at 8:45 pm
September 30 - starts at 8:00 pm
October 28 - starts at 7:30 pm

The past and future public open house dates are shown in the calendar below: