The Department of Physics and Astronomy
at Georgia State University presents

Planet X: Fact or Fiction?

Saturday, 3 Sept 2016 at 7:00pm
GSU Student Center
Speaker's Auditorium

Admission is free

Image Credit: Caltech/R. Hurt (IPAC)
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Is an unseen planet lurking at the edges of our Solar System? Is it hiding from view and tossing comets at us, like some great cosmic snowball fight? Or are we looking for members of our planetary family where they do not, and cannot, exist? Planet X (or Planet Nine or Nibiru or Planet McPlanetface) has been the stuff of legends and of scientific study since Percival Lowell -- of Lowell Observatory fame and canals on Mars infamy -- began leading the search in the early 1900s. The search led to the discovery of Pluto and several other small icy bodies, but Planet X remains elusive to this day.

Like Schrödinger's cat, who might be alive or might be dead (and as an aside, how absentminded of a professor must you be to not know if your pet cat is still alive?!), Planet X might be there... or it might not. Join us for a public debate where two of our esteemed dynamicists, Dr. Sebastien Lepine and Almost-Dr. Dicy Saylor, will face off and attempt to convince you to join their side. Who will be the victor? You decide.

Plan to stick around for a little while after the debate and check out some of the planets that we know exist! We will set up some small telescopes in the Student Center plaza for viewing (weather permitting).

Dr. Sebastien Lepine
Ph.D., University of Montreal
Observational astronomy: stellar dynamics

Almost-Dr. Dicy Saylor
Ph.D. 2017, Georgia State University
Observational astronomy: stellar surveys

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