Connections in the back of a Cray XC40 supercomputer

Connections between components of a supercomputer

Driving Test for the Harlow cluster

The Harlow Driving Test is an online assessment tool which allows those new to Harlow to demonstrate that they are sufficiently familiar with HPC to start making use of it. This test is highly similar to the ARCHER driving test and the DiRAC driving test, i.e. an aptitude test for basic computing skills. Please send answers and evidence of having solved the following to Dr. Jane Pratt .

Problem Set 1

    1. Do you use different passwords for different accounts?
    2. How do you store your passwords?
    3. How do you get help about the command cp?
    4. How do you display a listing of file details such as date, size, and access permissions?
    5. How do you rename a file from "new" to "old"?
    6. How do you create a new directory called "awesome"?
    7. What is the command to search all files in your current directory for the word pair "komodo dragon"?
    8. How do you change the current directory to /usr/local/bin?
    9. How do you load a module on a linux cluster?
    10. How do you interact with the job scheduler on Harlow?
    11. What do disk quotas mean?

Problem Set 2

    1. Using the linux command line, check out a working copy of the code from the Dedalus Project using git or mercurial.
    2. Using emacs through the command line, open the file dedalus/extras/, and change gamma to 7/3. Save that change.

Problem Set 3

    1. Download the CFD code and instructions provided by ARCHER to your laptop. Using the instructions in Section 3.1, and substituting gfortran for the intel fortran compiler (ftn) compile the serial version of the code.
    2. Run the 32 x 32 minimum problem size, as described in 3.2 of these instructions.

For questions, please contact Dr. Justin Cantrell or Dr. Jane Pratt .