We have been having problems with our various submission forms. Please send the specific type of request as outlined below to rachel.a.matson2.civ(at)us.navy.mil

Observing List Request
If you would like to have an observing list custom made to your specifications please enter that data in the box provided. Pertinent data include what portion of the sky you can observe (RA and Dec limits), what separation you can observe (lower and upper limits), and what magnitudes are observable by you (both primary, secondary, and delta-mag). In addition, if no magnitude information is provided should we include the selected object? Also, do you wish to observe infrequently observed (N = ?) objects, or those which have not been observed for a long time (DATE = ?)?Please make the subject line "Data Request".

Data Request
If you would like additional information on a particular double star system from the Observation Catalog please provide the following information, either WDS designation or discovery designation. Please make the subject line "Data Request".

Double Star CD Request
The Second Double Star CD is now over a decade out of date. Please download current versions of the catalogs or image plots of interest.

Comment Form
If you would like to suggest changes to the WDS format, or other information that you think we should provide, please send them to us with an email subject of "WDS Comment" to the email address above. Also, if you have published double star data, please check that we have all your publications in our Reference Listing