Astronomy Labs

ASTR 1010 and ASTR 1020

T.A. Alexandra Yep

a. Orion model by Yana Nakhtigal, galaxy painting by Zeel Naik, photo by Cass Marks. b. Photo by Hubble Space Telescope. c. Photo by Babak Tafreshi.

Welcome to "Professor Yep"'s astronomy page! You can find all my ASTR 1010 and 1020 lessons here.

ASTR 1010

Syllabus: Syllabus

Lesson 1: Lab 1: Celestial Sphere and Planispheres

Lesson 2: Lab 2: Phases of the Moon

Lesson 3: Lab 3: Planetary Orbits

Lesson 4: Lab 4: Mass of Jupiter

Lesson 5: Handout: Scale Sizes of the Solar System

Lesson 6: Lab 5: Construction of a Refracting Telescope

Lesson 7: Lab 7: Lunar Features

Lesson 8: Handout: Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Lesson 9: Lab 9: Impacts and Craters

Lesson 10: Lab 8: Surface of Mars

ASTR 1020

Syllabus: Spring2018Monday1p.m.   Spring2018Monday5p.m.

Project Ideas: 1   2

Lesson 1: Lab 11: Rotation of the Sun

Lesson 2: Lab 10: Spectroscopy and Atomic Structure

Lesson 3: CLEA: Classification of Stellar Spectra

Lesson 4: Lab 12: Eclipsing and Spectroscopic Binary Stars

Lesson 5: CLEA: Photometry of the Pleiades

Lesson 6: Lab 13: Ages and Distances of Star Clusters

Lesson 7: Lab 14: The Period-Luminosity Relationship

Lesson 8: CLEA: Radio Astronomy of Pulsars

Lesson 9: Lab 15: Hubble’s Law

Lesson 10: Handout: Classification of Galaxies