A Search for Young “Hot-Jupiter” Planets

Much of my work lately has been on searching for young Hot-Jupiter planets around young (10Myr) stars.

Some Background

Searching for young Hot-Jupiter planets will give us valuable insight into how these planets form and migrate.  Catching them while they are very young will allow us to put constraints on the migration time-scale and constrain the method of migration.

In the past, young stars have been avoided in optical radial velocity (RV) studies.  In their youth, stars are very active with flares, spots and coronal mass ejections.  Together this activity is called stellar jitter.  This is seen as noise in the RV spectra, and can mimic the signature of a planet.

Our technique utilizes high resolution Infrared (IR) spectra to reduce the effects of stellar jitter.  As seen in the image below, working in the IR reduces the contrast between the (cool) spot and the (hot) stellar surface.  This reduced contrast, in turn, reduces the signature of a false positive.


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