Musical Compositions by Donald Gudehus

TitleDate Composed/PublishedNotes
Six Melodic Studies for Clarinet (B flat clarinet) 1959 - 1963  
Caprice for Violin (violin) 1961 For Lorrie Perotta
Suite of Dances in Various Styles (piano) 1960-1971, Published: 1972 Artways Music Co.
Nocturne (piano) 1966 For Gayle Heins
Prelude in G flat (piano) 1967  
Triads (tape) 1969  
Pavane (guitar) March, 1970  
Jungle (tape) 1970  
Duo for Guitar and Tape 1970  
Score for "Water in the Wilderness" (guitar) 1972; Published: 1972 Clark Bell Films
Merced River (guitar) 1972 From the film "Water in the Wilderness"
When I Was Quite Young (voice and piano) 1974  
Nice Day, 1minute version (jazz band) 1975  
Corley's Glory (piano or brass choir) 1975 For John Corley
Green Fields 1975
Melody in E (piano) 1976 For Cathleen Loeser
Prelude in F (piano) 1977 For Debbie Hackett
Scherzo in C (piano) 1977 For Steve and Vera Kilston
Melody in G (piano) 1978 For Sylvia Shlutz
Dancing (voice and piano) 1979 Lyrics by Diane Shields
The Way it Used to Be (voice and piano) 1979  
Will It Ever Be (voice and piano) 1979 Lyrics by Diane Shields
Hold My Hand (voice and piano) 1980, 2006 For Carl Page and Stephanie Imperial
Ballade in D flat (piano) 1987 For Gloria Page

All music is copyright Donald H. Gudehus