K2 C0 Eclipsing Binary near EPIC 202062176

I worked with Dr. Doug Gies to complete a photometric and light curve analysis of an eccentric eclipsing binary in the K2 Campaign 0 feld that resides in Sh 2-252E, a young star cluster embedded in an H II region. Because there dozens of stars in this embedded cluster fall within the Kepler aperture, we obtained spectra of the three brightest stars in the crowded aperture to identify which is the binary system. We fond that none of these stars are components of the eclipsing binary system, which must be one of the fainter nearby stars. However, these bright cluster members all have remarkable spectra: Sh 2-252a (EPIC 202062176) is a B0.5 V star with razor sharp absorption lines, Sh 2-252b is a Herbig A0 star with disk-like emission lines, and Sh 2-252c is a pre-main sequence star with very red color.
Lester, K.V., Gies, D.R., & Guo, Z. 2016, AJ, 152, 194

Image Credit: NASA

Astrometric Orbits of SB2 with the CHARA array

My thesis project uses the CHARA array to resolve the orbits of 20 spectroscopic binaries in order to determine their fundamental properties, such as mass, radius, Teff, and distance.

Image Credit: the CHARA array

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