Me at the 100" telescope on Mt. Wilson,
with the CHARA speckle camera.

Lewis Roberts

Member of the Technial Staff of Rocketdyne Technical Services at the Air Forces's AEOS Telescope.

Selected Publications

  • A Speckle Inteferometric Survey for Asteroid Duplicity, by L.C. Roberts Jr., H.A. McAlister, W.I. Hartkopf & O.G. Franz, NOV 1995, The Astronomical Journal, 110, p2463
  • ICCD Speckle Observation of Binary Stars. XIV. A Brief Survey for Duplicity Among White Dwarf Stars by H.A. McAlister, B.D. Mason, W.I. Hartkopf, L.C. Roberts Jr., & M.M. Shara, September 1996, The Astronomical Journal, 112, p1169
  • Boron Abundances of B Stars of the Orion Association by K. Cunha, D.L. Lambert, M. Lemke, D.R. Gies & L.C. Roberts, MAR 1997, Astrophysical Journal, 478, p211


  • Postscript version of poster paper presented at IAU Symposium 189 on Fundemental Stellar Properties: The Interaction Between Observation and Theory. Binary Star Differential Photometry
  • Postscript version of poster paper presented at 1997 Summer AAS Meeting. Adaptive Optics Studies of Binary Stars
  • Postscript version of poster paper presented at 1998 Winter AAS meeting. Adaptive Optics: A Pandora's Box for Photometry.
  • Ph.D. Dissertation Three Methods of Determining Differential Magnitudes of Invdividual Stars of Resolved Binary Systems. Postscript version.

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