TRACE image of solar plasma outbreak

Movies and Sounds of the Sun

Left: A magnetic eruption observed by TRACE hurls plasmas outward from the Sun. Clear magnetic field  structures appear in light blue.

Right: The X-ray Sun, as observed by the Japanese/US/UK Yohkoh mission, voted the tenth most inspiring picture of the 20th century.

The Sun
 in X-rays

Sounds of the Sun

Helioseismology: One mode

Helioseismology: All modes

Coronagraph Movies

Comet Hyakutake passing the Sun

Christmas Movie 1996

Two Comets Crash on the Sun, and May Cause an Eruption

Flares and Eruptions

Filament Eruption Observed in Ultra-Violet

Fast Eruption Observed with the LASCO Coronagraph

The Solar Dynamo

Simulation of a Full Dynamo Cycle

Space Weather

Simulation of the Impact of a Coronal Mass Ejection on the Earth's Magnetosphere

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