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Rachael Merritt

Astronomy PhD Candidate
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Georgia State University



Hello! My name is Rachael.

I like space, cats, and being on time!

I am a fifth year Astronomy PhD candidate at Georgia State University.
I am an AstroPal and I am very interested in near-peer mentoring, STEM education,
science communication and improving academia for underrepresented groups in STEM.
Prior to starting my PhD, I was a planetarian and am still pretty good at
pointing out what's up in the current night sky!
Outside of school I enjoy traveling, karaoke, and competitive reality television shows!

Nika Rose!

Curriculum Vitae

Updated August 2021


Observational astronomy (X-ray, optical, near-infrared)

Fundamental properties of supermassive black holes

Advisor: Misty C. Bentz

Image Credit: Sloan Digital Sky Survey


Fall 2021

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute