Caltech Orchestra and Caltech Glee Clubs

Spring 2003 Concert

Allen Robert Gross, Director of Orchestra
Desiree LaVertu, Director of Women's Glee Club
Donald Caldwell, Director of Men's Glee Club

2003-05-16: Ramo Auditorium, Caltech, 8:00pm
2003-05-18: Pasadena Jewish Temple, 8:00pm

Caltech Women's Glee Club:
Wendy Caldwell, piano

Gabriel Faure
Cantique de Jean Racine 2003-05-16
Isaac See, violin

Scottish Traditional (arr. Michael Neaum)
Will ye go, Lassie go? 2003-05-16

James McCray
A Jubilant Song

Caltech Men's Glee Club:

Gordon Binkerd
An Evening Song 2003-05-16

Donald Caldwell
Dream 2003-05-16
Ralph Wells, Baritone

Caltech Orchestra:

Bedrich Smetana
The Moldau 2003-05-16

Ernest Bloch
Sacred Service

Ralph Wells, Baritone
Desiree LaVertu, Soprano

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