Benjamin Ou-Yang
Benjamin Ou-Yang

Office: 25 Park Place Suite #605
Office Phone: (404) 413-6014
Address: Georgia State University
_______Department of Physics and Astronomy
_______25 Park Place Suite Suite #605
_______Atlanta, GA 30302-4106
Current Research Interests:
_______Active Galactic Nuclei
_______Galaxy Morphology

Adviser: Dr. Misty Bentz


Cornell University
_____Bachelor of Arts, Astronomy, 2010

Georgia State University
_____Ph.D (Candidate), Astronomy
CV in PDF form (updated 11/2012)

Current Projects
  • AGN Host-Galaxy Surface Brightness Profiles
  • HI Spectroscopy of Reverberation-Mapped AGN Host Galaxies
    • Observations in the L-band with the NRAO Green Bank Telescope

Past Summer Research Experiences

Teaching and Community Service
  • Teaching Assistant for Astro 1010 and 1020 Labs, 08/2010 - Present
  • Ask a Scientist Day at Fernbank Museum of Natural History, November 13, 2010
  • Hard Labor Creek Observatory Open Houses, Fall 2010 - Present
  • Science Olympiad event, hosted at Georgia State University, February 19, 2011

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