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I am a postdoctoral researcher at The College of Staten Island, in the Department of Engineering Science and Physics, and at the American Museum of Natural History. I am a member of the BDNYC group and RECONS. I got my bachelor's degree from Villanova University in 2006, my master's degree from Georgia State University in 2009, and my PhD from Georgia State University in 2012 under the direction of Dr. Todd J. Henry.

Office: 6th floor, Rose Center, AMNH

Phone: 212-313-7448

Email: a r i e d e l @ a m n h . o r g

Nearby Star 3D maps here.

My CV is here.

Riedel et al. 2014: Parallaxes and identifications of 45 nearby young low-mass active star systems.

Riedel et al. 2011: AP Col, the closest (8.4 pc) pre-main-sequence star.

Riedel et al. 2010: 67 parallaxes to 64 star systems with proper motions between 0.5 and 1.0 arcsec/yr

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