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For archival purposes:

Hiding in Plain Sight (Prospectus talk, Spring 2009)

Completeness of Extrasolar Planet Searches (Planetary Science, Spring 2009) (information out of date)

Parallax (Seminar, Spring 2008)

The LMC and SN 1987a (Seminar, Fall 2007)

Presentation on our new KM sequence (Fall 2007)

Impacts and Craters presentation (Spring 2007)

WMAP Presentation (Galactic Astronomy, Fall 2006)

Dr. Nancy G. Roman (et al) and the discovery of the thick disk (Seminar, Fall 2006)

Quick Mercury orbit animation (Fall 2006)

Superbubble Presentation (HEAP, Spring 2006). Special thanks to Sarah Lakatos for finding and replacing a gigantic picture.

A couple educational powerpoints I'm working on

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