Stuart F. Taylor

Stuart F. Taylor

2005 to present: Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope (LCOGT) Staff Scientist
2000 to 2005: Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy (CHARA) at Georgia State University
Academic Professional/Research Scientist from 2000 to 2005.
Webpage under update, new webpage at
Las Cumbres Observatory (LCOGT) coming slowly.
Currently Staff Astronomer at Las Cumbres Observatory (2006 Nov).
As of end of 2006, Stationed between Santa Barbara, CA and Maui, HI.

Research interests:
Time-varying astronomy, Extra-Solar Planets, Binary Stars, Stellar Interferometry.

Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telesscope (LCOGT) :
The Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope ( ) is a privately supported planned network of medium-sized (2m) telescopes, longitudinally located to "keep you in the dark all of the time". Since it will be able to perform continuous optical observations unbroken by the usual day/night cycle, LCOGT will have a capability to do astronomy in the 24+ hour time-domain, a function that does not currently exist in a manner dedicated to doing time-varying astronomy. By having such telescopes distributed in northern- and southern-hemisphere sets of nearly-identical facilities, LCOGT will also have a uniqe ability to perform target-of-opportunity observing. Finally, LCOGT will have sufficient telescope time to address a small number of key science questions that require large observing resources. A major educational outreach effort will accompany LCOGT science, building upon the educational work started by the Dill Faulkes Foundation.

Organizing index page for The CHARA Spectroscopic Binary Star Catalog.

The CHARA Spectroscopic Binary Star Catalog, temporary display version.
The CHARA Spectroscopic Binary Star Catalog, temporary text output version.
(Links are as of 2004)
The CHARA Spectroscopic Binary Star Catalog, temporary comma-delimited text output version. (17Apr2003)

Eclisping Binary in Young Subcluster NGC 1850A of Globular-Like LMC Cluster NGC 1850 Discovery Page

Coming, but still under construction: my extended home page for more information

Telephone: 805-880-1620



Postal Mail for Las Cumbres Observatory (I will post my local address after moving from Atlanta to Honolulu): CHARA webpage construction mirror

Astronomy 1020: Not teaching this semester.

Spectroscopic Binary Star demonstration
using Java, from Professor Terry Herter at Cornell
More astronomy simulations by Dr. Herter.

Photo pages, under construction 11 May 2000:

CHARA Interferometry Project photographs on Mt. Wilson, (above Pasadena, CA)

Mt. Wilson scenery and view

Stuart Taylor at CHARA project

Atlanta, Georgia Dekalb and Fulton Counties Voter Registration Flyer, 2004

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