Possible Improvements to the 0.9m Telescope

first contact is Esteban Parkes


   1     setup new observing station with Torrent
   2     buy new U filter
   3     replace carpet on telescope platform
   4     wash mirror for 2017
   5     run LN2 line from ground floor
   6     buy 3"x3" ugriz filter set
   7     buy 3"x3" JHK filter set (test throughput for bright stars)

         upgrade windscreen
         add humidity gauge for observing room
         change quartz lamps to LEDs or other option
         upgrade dome rotation wheels
         get faster internet (B. Barlow)
         buy anti-static mats for observing room
         paint or replace mirror cover
         clean outside of telescope tube
         fix slit leaks
         create inventory of spare parts
         update fire control system

   A     update observing documentation on web
             a. how to open/close telescope
   	     b. how to operate TCS
   	     c. how to operate instrument
   	     d. trouble-shooting common problems, when to call TelOps
   B     add "GUIDING" flip note to TCS keyboard (TJH)

2016.05  create list of Top 10 things to do at 0.9m
2016.05  replace ARCON control system with Torrent controller
2016.02  wash mirror for 2016
2015.08  secure pupil stop baffle
2014.08  wash mirror for 2014
2014.07  repair toggle switches for Master Power and Platform
2014.07  close filter wheel assembly on east side (was duct tape)
2014.07  replace mouse for guider computer
2013.08  put together toolbox
2013.05  replace monitor in dome
2013.05  get plastic tarp to cover telescope
2012.10  install new windscreen
2012.08  rework motor for large ventilation fan
2012.08  fix reticle on finder scope to get crosshairs to glow (new cable)
2012.08  rubber supports for ARCON machine to prevent static crashes
2011.XX  smooth out focus mechanism on secondary
2010.XX  redo cabling in observing room
2009.XX  develop non-sidereal tracking capability
2007.XX  buy new data-writing/web-cruising computer
2005.04  replace TCS


   1     get pictures for bathroom
   2     buy new speakers for music
         frame pictures of 0.9m SMARTS Fellows (TJH)
         buy space heater for bathroom

2016.05  buy three new large chairs for observers
2014.07  add doorstop in bathroom to protect wall
2014.07  replace water heater
2014.06  replace whiteboard in observing room 48"x36"
2014.04  paint observing room and add chair rail
2013.08  buy cleaning supplies
2013.05  buy new humidifier
2013.05  buy small supplies box
2013.03  replace floor in observing room
2013.03  replace floor in bathroom
2013.03  replace bathroom counter
2013.03  paint bathroom
2013.03  fix wall in printer room
2013.02  buy new microwave
2012.10  replace air conditioner in printer room
2008.XX  fix tiles surrounding buildings
2008.XX  paint domes and buildings
2006.XX  put in new floor in observing room


         install H2O meter
         install electric meter
         energy efficient bulbs (need US bulbs, not Chile)


         add AO system
         add solar panels to generate power
         engineer new color balance slot on top dark slide?
         cut openings in dome for (like 4.0m) for ventilation