1.5m To Do List



RECONS       1. recruit/invoice users
Todd H.      2. reopen telescope/prove that CHIRON works
Leonardo P.  3. coordinate operations on Tololo
             *. *may* provide RVs for slicer for all PIs

YALE         1. create schedules
Charles B.   2. do basic reductions
Tolga D.     3. distribute data
Bryndis C. 
Victoria M.  


OBSERVING    JUN/JUL/AUG for engineering by Leonardo and Todd   
             SEP/OCT/??? = 2017B every other week by new operator
             possible observers for specific runs

             RECONS --- Todd?  Leonardo?  Dan?  Wei-Chun?
             Yale   --- Tolga?  Brindis?  Charles?
             others --- Andrei Tokovinin?, Fred Walter?, Sebastian Hoenig?

CREDIT       15% NOAO 10% Chile 5% RECONS 5% Yale 


2017.0403 TH: request separate 1.5m account in Tucson
2017.0517 TH: book flights for TH and LP for JUN/JUL/AUG
2017.0522 TH: modify Secondary Member doc to be 1.5m specific
2017.0525 TH: create reopening schedule and confirm with Steve, Nicole, Esteban
2017.0531 LP: send data file names to Yale for test dataset
2017.0622 TH+LP: reopen 1.5m
2017.0624 TH: create 2017 test sample of 42 stars to confirm pipelines
2017.0627 TH: move $50K to 1.5m account from peso account
2017.0721 TH: review resumes for 1.5m operator
2017.0808 LP: observe several stars in fiber+slicer modes for Walter
2017.0809 LP: observe single star and standards for Rucinski (300sec = 4M counts)
2017.0809 LP+TH: observe for 46 nights of engineering run
2017.0817 LP: run all 2017 data through RV pipeline for 1 FLT star
2017.0817 LP: run all 2017 data through RV pipeline for 1 EVR star with hot Jup
2017.0825 TH: review hiring recommendation for 1.5m operator

   !!!    LP: run all 2017 data through RV pipeline for 12 EVR+FLT stars
   !!!    LP: run all 2017 data through RV pipeline for 32 COR stars

   !!!    LP: send Rucinski reduced slicer data to check S/N

   !!!    TH: write article about 1.5m reopening for NOAO Newsletter
   !!!    TH: write up results of engineering run to send to users
   !!!    TH: send agreements and invoices to users
   !!!    TH: establish 2017B proposal deadline with Steve, Nicole

......... LP: investigate pipeline modifications for 2-part ThAr exposures
......... LP: write observing manual for CHIRON at 1.5m
......... LP: post examples showing what CHIRON can do in various setups
......... LP: stabilize barycenter correction IDL code

......... TH: define fixed set of setups?
......... TH: decide final location for 1.5m website

......... LP+TH: decide on CTIO vs. YALE night report
......... LP+TH: create list of 1.5m fixes/upgrades
......... LP+TH: buy better ThAr lamp


2017.0623 TD: get connections working between Yale and CHIRON
2017.0721 TD: reduce first spectra from 2017 engineering run
2017.0818 TD: overcome MySql connection issues
2017.0829 TD: reduce data from AUG 2017 Tokovinin run
2017.0901 TD: figure out how to generate nightly program

2017.08XX TD: reduce data from JUN/JUL/AUG 2017 engineering run (nearly done)
2017.0819 TD: generate first real nightly program
   !!!    TD: pipeline all data for Turnos 1+2
   !!!    TD: notify users for data from Turnos 1+2

   !!!    VM: update SMARTS3 MOU for another year
......... VM: move $14K to 1.5m account from Walter/Adleman
......... VM+TH: work out formal ownership of CHIRON



2017.0320 TH: RECONS                             slicer   79000    ThAr
2017.0525 TH: Brad Barlow                        fiber    27400    ThAr
2017.0706 TH: Josh Pepper/Keivan Stassun         slicer   79000    ThAr
2017.0525 TH: Dave Charbonneau/Jen Winters       YES

2017.0705 TH: Slavek Rucinski                    slicer   79000    ThAr
2017.0525 TH: Fred Walter                        fiber    27400    ThAr
2017.0525 TH: Brian Penprase                     YES
2017.0515 TH: Russel White                       YES
2017.0525 TH: Rob Wittenmyer                     YES

2017.0525 TH: Steve Howell                       ...
2017.0525 TH: Jen Marshall                       ...
2017.0525 TH: Emily Levesque                     ...

......... TH: send out invoices for 2017B/2018A users
......... TH: potential new users from VM emails

2017.0327 CB: Debra Fischer (also TH 2017.0522)
  active  VM: previous users who still need data
......... CB: Ricardo Munoz

Todd          404-413-6054
Charles       203-214-8685
Victoria      203-436-4399