Current Band Members

Kaspar von Braun: Drums, Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin & Vocals

Day Job: Astronomer, NASA Exoplanet Science Institute





Kaspar loves bourbon and makes sure life remains as complicated as possible. He has yet to see a decent electronic hi-hat, loves splash cymbals and humbucker pickups, and thinks there should be a different tuning for every acoustic guitar on stage.

Theo ten Brummelaar: Guitar, Drums & Vocals

Day Job: Astronomer, The CHARA Array





Theo is the failed dictator of the band and tries to remain calm. He loves his cheap strat, despite the cost of replacing all the hardware and electronics. His addiction to collecting pedals was subdued when his pedal board ran out of room.

Sallie Cruise: Lead Vocals

Day Job: Child Wrangler, an Idyllic Elementary School





Sallie smokes cigarettes, drinks strong liquor and stays out late at night. Originally from Tasmania and lately from bucolic Palm & Marengo...

Ivo Labbe: Bass & Vocals

Day Job: Astronomer, Carnegie Observatories




Ivo lives up to the Dutch ideal of being direct, but the rest of us understand. He likes to stand as close as possible to the high hats, and occasionally suffers from Exploding Finger Syndrome.

Tom Schneider: Guitar, Saxomophone, Violin, Mandola & Vocals

Day Job: Designing computers that run really fast, Riptide Realtime





Tom is actually quite famous, but not many people know that. He is trying to keep the number of instruments he plays in the band down to four, which is already three too many. Tom's idea of a good time is an uncrowded point break, followed by hot Mexican food and the Sunday Times crossword.

Alexis Schneider: Lead Vocals & Percussion

Day Job: Clothing Designer, One Wing Studio





Alexis is taller and thinner than she is. Doesn't smoke but likes to sniff the ears of small dogs. Born

in Santica Monica, she says of her home town

"There is too a there there!"

Amy Tumminello: Keyboards & Drums

Day Job: Software Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab





Amy plays more instruments than she admits to, can read music, and still actually practices at home. This means she can forgo rehearsals and attend a book club instead.  Sometimes she agrees to play keyboards.


Tom Fynn: Lead Vocals, Melodica & Flute

Day Job: Web Designer & Cartoonist





Tom plays a mean melodica, but buggered off to London to pursue more visually oriented art. He likes beer, literature, taking the piss, and going into Derrick and Clive routines at inappropriate moments.

Antoine Merand: Keyboards

Day Job: Astronomer, European Southern Observatory





Antoine left the band for a tax free income in Euros working in Chile, though he still records some parts for us on occasion. He enjoys making strange growling noises with his keyboard, noodling at rehearsals, and playing the riff on Cosmic Debris.

Bob Thompson: Sound Engineer

Day Job: Astronomer, Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy




Bob joined the band to meet women, and as that failed to work left for better odds out in the desert. He likes beer, smokes too much, and is a pretty damn good cook. He loves cats ... with ginger, garlic and soy sauce. When not corrupting German scientists, he was last heard criticizing this web page.

Kunio is the newest Dangerous Alien, although he's not sure where his native land is.  He loves to blow his horn LOUD, and claims to play more instruments than he really should, including the trumpet.  He secretly thinks planetary scientists are cooler than astronomers.

Kunio Sayanagi: Trumpet, Keyboards, Drums and Vocals

Day Job: Planetary Scientist—UCLA