Using the -V flag on redfluor will give the version number. If it does not, you definitely need to update your software. This is VERSION: V2.0 Tue Jun 20 14:01:34 PDT 2017:

  • Linux Data Reduction software compiled on Centos7 June 20th 2017

  • Linux Data Reduction software compiled on UBuntu 16 June 20th 2017

    The CLASSIC data has a single object HD 222603 and Calibrator HD 220825. The calibrator diameter is 0.306mas. There may be one or more data files that are corrupt and will need to be removed from the final calibrated data. The diameter of the target should come out close to 0.576+-.067 mas.

  • Example CLASSIC Data

    The CLIMB data is for binary star 12 Boo, or HD 123999. The calibrator is HD 122364 and its diameter is 0.495mas. You should be able to fit a binary star to the final data with both stars unresolved and astrometry close to Rho= 0.91mas Theta = 1.32 degrees.

  • Example CLIMB Data

    Here is the now slightly out of date documentation:


  • CLIMB/CLASSIC Reduction Software

    The Beta release has now become the standard release.

    GSU Astronomy homepage

    CHARA homepage

    Theo's homepage reduceir-Mon-Aug-1.tgz