Installing Julia syntax highlighting in Vim

Julia syntax highlighting may be installed in the form of a Vim plugin.
  1. You should have a plugin manager for Vi installed. I use Vundle, which does require installing Git first (which is also useful generally, so get it!).

    Follow Vundle's 'Quick Start' instructions carefully.

  2. Place the following line in your .vimrc (located at ~/.vimrc or, for me, Users/eliothalley/.vimrc), between call vundle#begin() and call vundle#end(): Plugin 'JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vim'
  3. This command goes to github account JuliaEditorSupport and downloads from the folder /julia-vim.

  4. Finish the installation by opening Vi and entering the plugin installer command :PluginInstall! (don't forget the punctuation)