Dr. Russel J. White

Department of Physics & Astronomy
Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy
Georgia State University


I am an astronomer interested in understanding how stars and planets form and how they structurally and dynamically evolve over time. I investigate these processes using telescopes to observe stars. These observations allow me to measure their most basic properties (for example, sizes and temperatures) and to search for planets that may be orbiting them. At Georgia State University, I lead the Young Stars and Planets Research Group in these investigations. Click on the links to the left to meet the Team or to learn more about our research.


office: 25 Park Place, Room 611
phone: (404) 413-6018
fax: (404) 413-5481
email: white[at]chara[dot]gsu[dot]edu

Mailing Address:
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Georgia State University 25 Park Place, Suite 605
Atlanta, GA 30303