Alexandra Yep

Stellar Astronomer

I'm actually a poet and a painter, but I do astronomy too!

a. Orion model by Yana Nakhtigal, galaxy painting by Zeel Naik, photo by Cass Marks. b. Photo by Hubble Space Telescope. c. Photo by Babak Tafreshi.

Hello, world! I study young stars and how environment affects their protoplanetary disk evolution. Towards this end, I have a developed a quick and easy way to empirically find clusters in Gaia data called Cluster Finder, available for Python 2 and Python 3. I use spectra from CHIRON at CTIO and have developed tools for analyzing CHIRON's stable spectra. If you are interested in studying stars using CHIRON, consider using my well-measured, slow-rotating standards!


Cluster Finder

CHIRON Standards

I also teach labs at Georgia State University. You can find my astronomy lessons here.