Zachary D. Hartman

Astronomy Graduate Student
Lab Coordinator

Georgia State University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Atlanta, GA 30303

Image: Taken by Bokyoung Kim
Office: 25 Park Place, 6th floor


Doctor of Philosophy, Astronomy, Georgia State University, 2020 (Expected)
Master of Science, Astronomy, Georiga State University, 2018 (Expected)
Bachelor of Science, Astronomy, The Ohio State University, 2015
Bachelor of Science, Physics, The Ohio State University, 2015

Image: GSU

Research Interests and Previous Research

Currently, I am working on a project with Dr. Sebastien Lepine on wide binaries the SUPERBLINK high proper motion catalog. However, I am interested in binary star systems of any kind. Wide or close, X-ray or quiet, these systems are very interesting and can help solve a large number of questions in astronomy today.

Previously I have worked on:
-Determining the Sensitivity of PINGU to solar WIMPs with Dr. Carsten Rott
-Examining the Period Change of sdB+dM Binary Systems with Dr. Donald Terndrup

Image: Artist Impression, ESO

Lab Information

General Lab information can be found at this site

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