At Georgia State University, I am an advisee of Fabien Baron and an astronomy lab instructor.



Two years coding experience in Julia. One year experience with Python. A collection of projects written in Julia is listed on GitHub Gist.


Fun Facts

Before astronomy, I studied psychology at Brenau Women's College. After graduating I took a gap year to backback Europe. While staying in Rotterdam, I volunteered to advertise and work at local concerts to get free tickets. I became a trusted volunteer and ended up with a prolonged stay in the city working as a music promoter and booking shows. I came back to Georgia in 2015 and worked with a nonprofit organization and other odd jobs until starting school again in 2016.



Limb darkening, stellar surface image reconstruction, and statistical modeling. A collection of scripts I have written are available on GitHubGist.

Light Curve Reconstruction

Attempting to use Kepler light curve data to reconstruct stellar surfaces with star spots and limb darkening.

Control Data

To test the reliability of our image reconstruction code, I created fake temperature maps.

Limb Darkening and Radius Errorbars

Finding best-fit parameters and their errorbars for OIFITS data.

CHARA Observing

Learning how to operate MIRCX at the Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy on Mt. Wilson, CA for three weeks.