ASTR 8850 Syllabus, version 21 AUG 2018


Current Point Totals
True Explorers


NASA Planetary Photojournal
Most excellent pictures of all sorts of Solar System members can be found here.
NASA Missions
Absolutely fundamental site for NASA space missions. Gives links to missions past, present, and future.
Solar System Dynamics (JPL)
Includes fundamental data for all sorts of objects in the Solar System, including the planets, natural satellites, comets and asteroids. Excellent (complete) lists of natural satellites is a highlight.
Small Body Database Search Engine (JPL)
Searchable database for orbits and characteristics of various asteroids and comets, nicely broken into categories.
Minor Planet Center (IAU)
Has extensive details and maps concerning all minor bodies (asteroids, KBOs, and comets) in the Solar System. This is THE place to shop if you are interested in objects smaller than a serious moon. A nice list of all periodic comets with names can be found at
Minor Planet Lists and Plots (IAU)
Lists of various classes of objects and a wealth of other details. (Exoplanets / U.S.)
The definitive U.S. "go-to" site for extrasolar planet research. (Exoplanets / Europe)
The definitive European "go-to" site for extrasolar planet research.


01 Solar System Overview I HERE
02 Solar System Overview II HERE
03 Solar System Formation I HERE
04 Solar System Formation II HERE
05 Dynamics I HERE
06 Dynamics II HERE
07 Solar Heating HERE
08 Energy Transport HERE
09 Planetary Atmospheres I HERE
10 Planetary Atmospheres II HERE
11 Planetary Atmospheres III HERE
12 Planetary Surfaces I HERE
13 Planetary Surfaces II HERE
14 Planetary Surfaces III HERE
15 Planetary Interiors I HERE
16 Planetary Interiors II HERE
17 Minor Bodies out to Jupiter HERE
18 Minor Bodies beyond Jupiter HERE
19 TEEEM: Locations for Life? I HERE
20 TEEEM: Locations for Life? II HERE
21 Life on Earth I HERE
22 Life on Earth II HERE
23 Life Beyond Earth I HERE
24 Life Beyond Earth II HERE
Todd's Top 10 Rules for Talks


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Levels of Paper Preparation
Anderson paper
Bowsher paper
Vrijmoet paper

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