Theo ten Brummelaar

Like so many web pages, this one isn't updated often.... last time 2018/08/08.

Mug shot: Here I am in rock mode playing with the band at that time called "Soft Money" at CalTech. If you're interested in the music thing, search for Theo's Soiree, One Olive Martini, or indeed just my name, on YouTube. The most recent music is the Cruise Control album which you can find here: Spotify, Apple, Deezer, and Youtube.

Older links you may wish to see are my previous band's homepage, called Dangerous Aliens. The old link is here. The new band is One Olive Martini, (I'm the olive). Then there's our Xmas news letter the Sallie and Theo Times, Old pictures, My wife's very dated homepage, and the now out of date Photo Album. You'll need to be my facebook friend to see more recent images. There is also a short documentary made by the American Museum of Natural History about the CHARA Array, and also one about Mount Wilson Observatory itself (MWI).

If you're a CHAROID, you may also be looking for the CHARA CLASSIC/CLIMB Data Reduction Software..

The Professional stuff.

I was the Director of the CHARA Array until I retired in 2022, but I still do some fun stuff with them. I got my Ph.D. at the University of Sydney in 1993. My thesis was called "Taking the twinkle out of the stars: An adaptive wavefront tilt correction servo and preliminary seeing study for SUSI." It seems more and more difficult to keep an on-line publication list up to date. The version of my CV at this time is here. If you really want to hear about the most recent stuff feel free to email me. Otherwise you can look at my publication list on the ADS.

Some personal notes:

You are probably not at all interested but I am very fond of music, especially that of the late great Frank Zappa although I like a lot of things from Deep Purple through to Baroque and Romantic musics. Classical, as opposed to Baroque and Romantic, leaves me a bit bored. Yes I am in a band (See links above). I also waste a lot of time playing the drums, piano, guitar, role playing games and surfing.

CHARA is part of the Astronomy group within the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Georgia State University.