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1010 Lab Syllabus

1020 Lab Syllabus

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1010 Lab Syllabus

1020 Lab Syllabus

Grading Materials

1010 Grade Spreadsheet

1010 Suggested Grading Rubric

1020 Grade Spreadsheet

1020 Suggested Grading Rubric

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Lab 1

Lab 2


Lab 10

Lab 11

Lab 11: Sunspots Movie

Lab 12

Lab 13

Lab 14

Lab 15

Galaxy Classification Lab

Radio Astronomy of Pulsars

Pleiades Lab

Stellar Spectra Lab

Supplemental materials for Labs in the book


Full Celestial Spheres lab from book

Full Lunar Phases lab from book

Full Planetary Orbits lab from book

Lunar images for Planetary Orbits

Full Mass of Jupiter lab from book


Sun Spot page for Solar Rotation

Supplemental Page for Hubble's Law Lab

Supplemental labs not in Book


---Planetary Scales






Rotation of Mercury Lab


Eclipse Lab (pdf)

Eclipse Lab (Editable, .odt)



---Quiz Game

Quiz Game:Cards

Quiz Game:Rules Page

Quiz Game:Answer Sheet


Galaxy Zoo Lab

Spectral Standards for Spectroscopy & Atomic Structure Lab

---Galaxy Classification

Galaxy Classification Lab Instructions

Galaxy Classification Answer Sheet

Adric Riedel's Classification Interface

---CLEA: Classification of Stellar Spectra

Stellar Spectra Lab Instructions

Stellar Spectra Answer Sheet

---CLEA: Photometry of the Pleiades

Pleiades Lab Instructions

Pleiades Lab Answer Sheet

Blank graph paper for students

Main sequence on absolute V mag. scale

---CLEA: Radio Astronomy of Pulsars

Pulsar Lab Instructions

Pulsar Lab Answer Sheet


Exoplanet Lab: Answer Sheet

Exoplanet Lab:Walk-Through

Exoplanet Lab:Radial Velocity Curves

Exoplanet Lab:Spectral Type Table

---Semester Project Medley Handouts (Dates need to be updated)

1020 Semester Project List (Updated 2015)

List of Project Types & Descriptions

Project Guidelines which lists the due dates

1020 Semester Project Presentation Evaluation Sheets

PDF Copies of Labs: 1010 & 1020

Lab 1 - The Celestial Sphere and Planispheres

Lab 2 - Phases of the Moon

Lab 3 - Planetary Orbits

Lab 4 - The Mass of Jupiter

Lab 5 - Construction of a Refracting Telescope

Lab 6 - Simple Lenses and Telescopes

Lab 7 - Lunar Features

Lab 8 - Landscapes of Mars

Lab 9 - The Threat from Beyond: Impacts and Craters

Lab 10 - Spectroscopy and Atomic Structure

Lab 11 - Rotation of the Sun

Lab 12 - Eclipsing and Spectroscopic Binary Stars

Lab 13 - Ages and Distances of Star Clusters

Lab 14 - The Period-Luminosity Relation

Lab 19 - Solar Observing

Lab 22 - Measuring the Diameter of the Sun

Lab 24 - Observing Phases of the Moon

Lab 25 - Spaced Out Telescopes

Lab 28 - Visiting an Observatory

Lab 29 - Designing a Student Observatory

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